IPTV – URL Portal (Stalker) Method


Heeft u een Mag, Formuler, Amiko, QSmarter, Xsarius, Maxytec, BLOMC, Cobra, Smart STB app, StbEmu app,  en alle box die werkt met URL Portal (Stalker) methode? Dan kunt u alle zenders ontvangen. U zit nergens aan vast! Geen onvoorziene kosten! Geen stilzwijgende verlengingen! U bepaalt wij draaien!

Note: We send to your email the  URL Portal Link and not URL M3U LINK.



(It is not allowed use 1 subscription in deferent devices in the same time)
There is no problem if you change in the future the internet provider in SAME contury but if that happen then let us know.
Current prefixes for various IPTV devices. Amiko: 00:1A:79 / 00:2A:79 | BuzzTV: 00:1A:79 | Formula: 00:1A:79 / 00:1B:79 and for Formula 11 Pro/Max is 00:1E:B8 | MAG: 00:1A:79 | Maxytec/ArroX: 00:1A:79 (not AA:88:99) | TVIP: 10:27:BE | Xsarius : 00:1C:1D / 0C:F0:B4 | QS Smarter 00:1A:79 / 00:1B:79 / 00:2A:01 /29:23:06 | Mutant Inferno Pro 00:2A:01 Note : Always look in the app for the correct MAC ID
Since we are adding more channels and Vod, you may have complains about the IPTV devices. We face that the some IPTV devices has a limited of memory. When you reach the limit may your device/app not booting anymore. The solution is to take out some packages/countries. So please just select the groups (Bouquets) that you really need it.


Current prefixes for various IPTV devices:

  • Amiko: 00:1A:79 I 00:2A:79
  • BuzzTV: 00:1A:79
  • Formuler: 00:1A:79 | 00:1B:79 | 00:1E:B8 | Formule 11 Pro/Max is 00:1E:B8
  • Infomir/MAG: 00:1A:79
  • Maxytec/ArroX: 00:1A:79 (not AA:88:99)!
  • TVIP: 10:27:BE
  • Xsarius: 00:1C:1D | 0C:F0:B4
  • QS Smarter 00:1A:79 | 00:1B:79 | 00:2A:01 | 29:23:06
  • Mutant Inferno Pro 00:2A:01
  • Blumenthal 00:1A:79
  • Octagon Android Spirit 4K A0:BB:3E

Note: Look always in the app for the correct MAC ID.

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