IPTV For Linux Box (Enigma2, OpenPli)


Heeft u een Linux box zoals Dreambox, VU+, Zgemma, AMIKO, [email protected], Xsarius, Sab, Xtrend, Mirclebox, AXAS, Gi, EDISON, Qviart, Golden Master, GIGABLUE of een andere merk ontvanger die werkt met Engima2 en/of OpenPli Dan kunt u onze IPTV Pakket ontvangen! kijk even de zenderlijst pagina.

U zit nergens aan vast! Geen onvoorziene kosten! Geen stilzwijgende verlengingen! U bepaalt wij draaien!

Zie onderstaande de tutorial voor Jedi Maker Xtream Plugin 👇🏼

(It is not allowed use 1 subscription in deferent devices in the same time)
There is no problem if you change in the future the internet provider in SAME contury but if that happen then let us know.
?You will get url m3u link and autoscript .
Since we are adding more channels and Vod, you may have complains about the IPTV devices. We face that the some IPTV devices has a limited of memory. When you reach the limit may your device/app not booting anymore. The solution is to take out some packages/countries. So please just select the groups (Bouquets) that you really need it.


Tutorial: JEDI Maker-Xtream plugin method:

Download DCC software in your PC:

JEDI Maker-Xtream plugin support EPG, Fav. list and groups. Please fellow this instruction (you can find also video tutorials in YouTube).

You can find hier the JEDI MAKER XTREAM (find the last plugin version in last page):

Additional information